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The Process
A Workforce Education Program sounds like just what I need, but now what?
Here’s what the process of implementing a Workforce Education Program with Adult Options In Education will entail:

1. Read through the "things to think about" section below.
2. Call 952-928-6746. Talk to our workforce coordinator about moving forward or receiving more information about a Workforce Education Program.
3. Our workforce coordinator will meet with you to outline the details of implementing a program and tour the facility.
4. An assessment of your workforce education needs will take place. Meetings with supervisors and managers will be set up to discuss desired learner goals and outcomes.
5. Each learner will be assessed in their reading, writing, and speaking skills. This is done to ensure the proper level of English instruction is developed. This initial assessment will also help to track employees’ progress. There is a nominal fee for the assessment.
6. A customized Workforce Education Program will be developed for your business according to your specific needs and desired outcomes.


Things to think about...

How many employees would participate in the program?
Who do you want trained?
Who will recruit learners? Or, how many employees have expressed interest in attending training?
How will you choose the employees?
Will participation be voluntary or mandatory? (Most practitioners strongly recommend that participation be voluntary.)
Will the employees receive pay to attend classes? If not, what will be the employees’ motivation to attend classes regularly?
Will classes be offered during regular work hours, or before or after work? (If training does not occur during regular work hours and at the work site, issues such as childcare, transportation, and remuneration must also be resolved.)
Who will be the company contact—someone who can unlock a door, find the learners, answer a question, etc.?
Where (site and room) will the classes be held?
How will instructional gain be measured?
Will you want immersion (i.e., all English instruction taught in English only) or bilingual instruction? (Often, those will very-limited English proficiency may benefit from explanations of workplace procedures and training in their native language. )
What are the main goals and objectives of the training?
What outcomes do you expect upon completion?
Why do you want language training now?

Call: 952-928-6746.
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