Workforce Education Intro

Workforce Education Process

Is cross-cultural communication a challenge 
in your workplace?

The Need
For many workers new to America, different cultures and limited-English skills can pose great barriers to understanding in the workplace. Through our Workforce Education program, Adult Options In Education works with businesses to remove these barriers.

Adult Options In Education works with employers to identify basic skills the employer wishes to reinforce in the workplace. Some examples include:
Math skills for retail.
Improving English skills for a manufacturing company.
Identifying and discussing cultural differences that may be interfering with expectations and communication.

See information on the process of Workforce Education.

The Assessment
Essential to the education plan is devising an evaluation tool to measure--in tangible ways--progress and/or impediments to learning. For example: Are there fewer reports of tardiness? Fewer accidents on the job? Greater productivity? These are specific measures that determine whether or not the education plan is effective.

We begin by testing work site learners with carefully selected assessment tools. Based on outcomes, a program is designed that meets learners' education/employment needs. All testing takes place on the work site.

The Instruction 
We teach English as a Second Language (ESL) and provide cultural insight into basic American and Minnesota daily experiences.

Being on time has different meanings in different cultures. Being on time in most American work settings means arriving at or a few minutes before the scheduled time. Clearly there are consequences for not arriving on time.

We teach appropriate conversational slang to help learners understand their new communities. It's raining cats and dogs may conjure up a perplexing image for those with limited-English speaking abilities!

The Resources 
All of our teachers are Minnesota-licensed teachers with a wide range of adult teaching experiences.

Because Adult Options In Education is supported through the Hopkins, Minnetonka and St. Louis Park school districts, access is available to many state-of-the-art programs and services.

Call us today at 952-988-5343 for more information about Workforce Education, or to schedule a meeting to learn more about how we might serve your work place needs.
Call: 952-988-5343.
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