ESL Sites
Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab
This ESL language Web site helps ESL/EFL students improve their English listening comprehension skills through practice with self-grading quiz pages. This is a site which has lots and lots of recorded, real-life dialogues which you can listen to. There are questions following each to check your comprehension, and each has several other options as well. You can read the text of the dialogue while listening to it. Unusual words or idioms are written in a different color, and when you pass the mouse over them, a definition pops up to explain them. A third option is a missing word exercise where you can listen to the dialogue, read along with it, and write in the words which are left out. To use this Web site, you have to download RealPlayer, but it is free, and once youíve done it, you donít have to do it again.

ESL Independent Study Lab

English For All
A free site to help adults learn the English language.

Lifetime Learning
Full online curriculum for sixth grade to adult students.

ESL Partyland
ESL students and teachers can find loads to do here! There are quizzes and on-line exercises, lesson plans, email exchanges, 25 discussion forums, a job center, ESL links, a bookstore, and more!

Daveís ESL Cafe
Has word games and grammar exercises. A benchmark ESL Web site. English Lessons and Tests
Has word games and grammar exercises. Learners of English will find all types of interactive tests and exercises here on: grammar, vocabulary, reading, crosswords, hangman and more. ESL Site for Everyone Learning English
Comprehensive new ESL site including forums, realtime chat, grammar, flashcards, worksheets, puzzles and games, phonics, jobs, streaming audio materials, TOEIC modules, helplines, and more.

Center for Applied Lingquistics
The CAELA site has great briefs on teaching ESL.

Boggle's World
Literacy-intermediate worksheets for holidays, etc. Great for opening activities.

ESL Library (Formerly ESL Images)
Literacy to low-advanced. Ready-to-use worksheets and lesson plans, readings, conversation, grammar, flashcards.

One Stop English
Wide variety of activities at three levels.

Inside Out
English language resource site. Offers lesson plans in three levels. Free.

Outreach and Technical Assistance Network
Site targeted at adult educators.

Marshall Adult Education
Great site for all levels, GED and computer skills. Activities for beginners on up; leveled stories.

College readiness online.

Skills Tutor
Research based instruction and tutoring in basic skills for Grades K-Adult.

U.S.A. Learns
Free online English language learning website.

GED Sites

GED Practice

PBS Literacy Link
GED practice tests and study.
Free online practice exam site.

Literacy & ABE Organizations
Minnesota Literacy Council 
The Minnesota Literacy Council, headquartered in St. Paul, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving literacy throughout the state. We offer literacy services for: adults and at-risk children, native-English speakers and recent immigrants, and urban and rural residents. The MLC has a database of literacy programs in Minnesota.

Literacy Action Network (formerly Literacy Minnesota)
Literacy Minnesota is a professional membership, non-profit organization whose mission is to advocate for adult literacy programs with the State Legislature, promote dialog between adult learners and providers of adult basic skills to ensure efficient and effective adult literacy programs, and to create awareness for and impact of adult literacy programs throughout Minnesota.

A program of Hamline University, ATLAS provides resources and professional development to advance adult education throughout Minnesota.

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