What is the Family Learning program?
The Family Learning program is for families looking for education and family skills. Through the Family Learning program, parents are able to attend classes while their children, ages five and younger, benefit from the warm and playful environment of their own classroom!

Parents work on individual life, work, and parenting skills while their children attend preschool programs.

Family Learning programs help children to become self-confident, develop language skills, make new friends, participate in learning activities, and develop school readiness in math, reading, science, art and computers.

Adults benefit from the option of participating in a wide variety of classes and services including:

Adult basic education.
One-to-one tutoring.
Discussions on balancing work and family.
Support for family issues.
Children's growth and development information.
English as a Second Language classes.
Computer skills.
Career counseling.

If you or someone you know is concerned about finding a job to support a family, a child's readiness to enter school, or acquiring or improving English skills, call Adult Options In Education at 952-988-5343 today for more information.

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