English as a Second Language (ESL)/ English Language Learning (ELL) classes are designed to meet the needs of adult refugees, immigrants and migrant workers whose native language is other than English. Students may enroll at any time of the year as they strive to achieve skills in spoken and written English. Written and oral drills are used extensively, as well as real-life settings that enable learners to navigate their way through every day experiences.

ESL Levels Offered
Adult Options In Education offers seven levels of English as a Second Language in its consortium. Students advance through the levels at their own pace, using small and large group instruction as well as individual activities.

All learning opportunities are student-centered. Students concentrate on the skills most important to them. This teaching method employs a variety of classroom and individual opportunities to help students master the English language.

Class Features:
Free classes
Experienced teachers
Class schedules are flexible to accommodate students' needs.
Individualized instruction
Help with transportation
Convenient locations
Relaxed environment
Job skills preparation
Instruction in areas ranging from survival to adult basic education skills.

Contact Adult Options In Education at 952-988-5343 for more information.

ESL/ELL at the Worksite
For businesses, companies, and organizations with a diverse workforce, ESL/ELL courses can be developed and taught at the worksite. These Workforce Education classes are designed with the company vocabulary in mind and offered at any time of the day with the company's needs in mind.

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