The Adult Basic Education (ABE) program is for adults who want to acquire or improve their math, reading, grammar, and/or writing skills.

The program is self-paced. Students set their own pace and determine how long it will take to complete individual learning goals.

Student Centered
The ABE program is student-centered. An adult basic education student works independently at his/her own pace. Additionally, licensed teachers and trained volunteers help students develop an Individual Learner Plan (ILP), outlining their goals and objectives. Included in the ILP are specific steps to be taken to reach the student's goals and objectives, as well as the means of assessing progress to them. Licensed teachers and trained volunteers help students meet their educational goals.

The Adult Basic Education program provides students with the opportunity to apply learning to real-life situations. Individualized instruction is offered to non-reading and low-level reading adults using materials specifically designed for the adult student.

How To Enroll:
Call the main office registration number at 952-988-5343 or email: adult_options@hopkins.k12.mn.us
An appointment is set up for intake and registration.
Students are placed in classes that meet their scheduling needs on a space available basis.


To Register:

For more information on this website, please contact jessica_foster@hopkins.k12.mn.us.